Online Car Wash Services Delhi

Wipez is here to completely revolutionize the way you think about car washing. We offer online car wash services that harness the latest equipment that include high pressure cleaning machines, high powered vacuum cleaners, spray injection and extraction machines, steam cleaners, and so on, to ensure that you can find the perfect solution to your “Is there a full service car wash near me?” query.

From sterilization of your car’s AC and conditioning of the leather upholstery to Teflon coating for your car, our car wash services in Delhi NCR are unmatched.

We recognize that these days, everyone leads rather busy lives, but that should never be your excuse to ignore the cleanliness of your car. It is after all, a status symbol! With online car wash services by Wipez, you can sit back and relax as our crew will come right to your doorstep and offer you the best car wash services in Delhi NCR.

Our Span of Services

Not everyone’s needs regarding online car wash services are similar, and that is why we offer various packages and single service options to fulfil the needs of our customers. Our services encompass a number of verticals in car cleaning and maintenance, some of which are:

We use only branded and eco-friendly products in all our car wash services to make your car shining and spotless. Browse through our various packages and deals to find the one that suits you best.


A.C Sterilize - 500

Pet Hair Removal - 700

Leather Conditioning -700

Teflon coating -2000


A.C Sterilize - 600

Pet Hair Removal - 800

Leather Conditioning -900

Teflon coating -2200


A.C Sterilize - 700

Pet Hair Removal - 900

Leather Conditioning -1200

Teflon coating -2500


A.C Sterilize - 900

Pet Hair Removal - 1000

Leather Conditioning -1400

Teflon coating -2700