About Us

A car is a big investment. But there are a lot of things that follow a car purchase, and maintenance is one of them. Even though you love your precious vehicle, you do wish that you could better utilize your weekend rather than spending it at a car wash, don’t you?

Wipez, a budding car wash service providing company, helps you administer the cleaning needs of your car in an easier and more efficient manner. With us, you don’t have to drive miles to get your car cleaned. In fact, you don’t have to drive at all as we will bring the car wash right to your doorstep!

Be it your residence or your workplace, all you have to do is call or email us, and we will meet you at your location.

Why Wipez?

As a professional mobile car wash company, we utilize our know-how of auto detailing and various other solutions, to offer the best home car washing services to you.

Wide-Ranging Services

We offer an expansive range of machine and hand car wash solutions to our customers, right from vacuuming off mud and dirt from car surfaces, deep cleaning the interiors, stain removal treatment for leather seats to minor and major scratch removals too.

Convenient and Feasible

At Wipez, we work constantly and dedicatedly towards making our services simple and convenient for you, both in terms of effort and money. Our mobile car washing solutions save you from having to cover kilometres or waste hours for getting your car cleaned up.

Top-Notch Quality

We work with industry experts from different backgrounds, who imbibe their comprehensive knowledge and years of practice to add value to our services. We also employ the latest cleaning tools and equipment to carry out our services with maximum efficiency.


We take utmost care to ensure that our processes and the products we use do not harm the environment in any way. Unlike standard car washes, we curb the use of water to the least possible, thus avoiding wastage. Every drop saved contributes to the cause of sustainability.

We are elevating the quality of car wash to a whole new standard at Wipez. Come be a part of it.

Mobile Car Wash & Home Car Wash

Convenience – No more driving or waiting to clean your car. We come to you.

Quality – We use high-quality products like 3M & Meguiar’s for the best results.

Eco-Friendly – on average, a typical car wash can use anywhere from 45 to 100 gallons of water. With the help of eco-friendly products, we use only minimum 25 liters of water amount to clean your dirty car.

100% Satisfaction guaranteed – We always give the best results, if for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, we do our 100%to make it right.